Monday, 8 February 2010

Oh Panama Part II

What have you done!
First you showed us Kuna Yala, surely the most picture perfect of tropical islands. Spectacular!
Now we are in the Las Perlas archipelago on the Pacific side of Panama. The Las Perlas islands are different from Kuna Yala in the same way that the Pacific is different from the Caribbean, however equally as beautiful.
On the way, barely out of the anchorage and across the channel that is part of the Panama Canal, we hook a beautiful 20lb Mahi Mahi.
The water compared to the Caribbean has a green tinge and is not so clear; cooler but teaming with sea life; fish are larger and not so easily spooked, white sand beaches with dense tropical dry forests; there's a richness here of flora and fauna. Many birds live on the islands and work the waters morning and afternoon. We now see 15 ft tides! Now, that is different when it comes to navigation, anchoring or leaving the dinghy on the beach.
Anchorages are gentle with no roll, and they're not crowded. So far we have shared our overnight anchorages with only one other boat. Sports fishing boats come and go but don't stay over night.
When we awake to the sounds of the birds diving for fish and the sight of huge boulders scattered about, we have a brief thought that we are anchored in Penobscot Bay off the coast of Maine, that is before we look to another shore to see white sand beaches and palm trees.
Panama, you surprise us at every turn. What a perfect start to our Pacific crossing!
(posted by SSB radio, pictures will be uploaded when wifi is available, maybe in the Galapagos)

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