Sunday, 20 December 2009

A Dash of Nashville With My West Indies

The Carribean Islanders love their music and they love it played very loud and into the wee hours of the morning. Sound seems to travel better over an anchorage at 4:00am.
In the Dominican Republic and. Puerto Rico we enjoyed Salsa, the Leeward and Windward Islands imported Soca from Trinidad and Reggae from Jamaica. On hair-raising bus rides, we are comforted with gospel music in vehicles christened "God is Love" and "Jesus is on Our Side". During Carnival, Pan Bands work their symphonic steel magic along with Soca and Calypso performances. In Trinidad and Puerto Rico we were also serenaded with Karaoke. Leading up to Christmas, Trinidad rocks to parang, with a humorous twist on the Christmas theme with titles like "Santa got no wife".
We thought we had heard it all before we arrived in St Lucia. Sitting down to a local lunch in Vieux Fort the DJ cranks up the volume and out comes American Country and Western. This is not just limited to one venue, sounds of Johnny Cash and a host of the Nashville greats fill the air with classics from the past.
On Saturday, day and night, the anchorage is filled with C&W music; much more than a dash, we got the full menu until 6:00am. As we've come to expect, at full volume, making sleep restless if not impossible. The roosters' chorus is drowned out. It's 8:00am now and only the dogs are barking.


  1. Country music is very popular in the Grenadines. Looking forward to your photos captured on Bequia during the holidays....we have 2 feet of snow here so bring on more sunshine images!