Thursday, 24 December 2009

Christening the New Spinnaker in St. Lucia

Beating to windward gets old fast. Bristol Rose has done plenty of that in the past 13 months. In anticipation of some downwind sailing across the Pacific, we had Soca Sails in Chaguaramas, Trinidad make us an asymetrical spinnaker.

These images captured our christening of the new sail and also a first for the crew; a new experience sailing with a spinnaker! Not bad for a first try in light winds, around 10 knots.

Owen and Robert hoist the new spinnaker as Elliot jumps in the dinghy to snap some shots.

Leaving Vieux Fort for The Pitons
Nice and easy, ok Elliot, time to get back onboard.

The Pitons are a spectacular sight.

Fishing village in Soufriere town at the base of Petite Piton. A stern anchor is necessary when anchored or moored off the beach.

Petite Piton in the early morning light, looking south from our mooring at "the Bat Cave".
We picked up a mooring ball in about 45 feet of water. Between us and the shore about 100 feet away, the water depth jumps rapidly to 7 feet with coral heads here and there. Once safely on the mooring ball we snorkel then explore the town of Soufriere. There's a distinctive sulphur smell in the air. They say you can snorkel over volcanic vents in the area.

St. Lucia has a dual French, English history having changed hands fourteen times!

After an early dinner in town, we spot a chorus line of cuttlefish off the dock. The picture was taken with flash a couple of feet above the water.

Schools of fish swim around the boat.

With very little wind overnight, we rolled from side to side all night as the mooring ball seemed determined to bash the side of the boat. Even running a third line from the end of the bowsprit made little difference. The mooring fee is $20 US for a 2 night minimum. One night is enough for us and we're on our way to Marigot Bay before breakfast.

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