Monday, 10 August 2009

Pandemonium in Grenada

2009 Panorama Champions, Coyoba New Dimension, Pan Fever

Suzuki Pan Wizards

Calabash Pan Lovers, Pandemic

Grand Roy Pan Angels

LIME Commancheros, Pan Revolution

Angels, Lovers, Wizards, Commancheros, West Side Symphony, Rainbow City Allstars, Angel Harps and New Dimension battled well into the early morning. Armed with steel, sticks and car parts the members of each steel pan band played their hearts out. The age range of the players in most bands was extraordinary with some as young as 12 and others that looked much older, all in harmony and clearly enjoying themselves.

We had so much fun last night, we intend to sleep through the Carnival street parties in Woburn tonight and hope the Jab Jab does not bite. J'ouvert will be at it's peak just before sunrise, when everyone will be covered with paint, oils and mud. Soca music has been thumping across the water in Clarkes Court Bay for most of the day. By now the Carnival king and queen will have been announced. Monday and Tuesday we'll get to see the fantastic costumes and street parades.


  1. Great pics and vid guys. Interesting couple of comments already on youtube. I left my camera on the boat that night so I hope you don't mind my linking to your page.

  2. Hi Steve, no worries, we love comments and links.