Friday, 21 August 2009

Arrival in Trinidad

As we approached the northwest coast of Trinidad, the current rushed between the mainland and Monos Island.

The islands of Trinidad and Tobago were captured by the British in 1797. In 1962 they jointly became an independent state. The T&T Independence Day will be celebrated next Monday, August 31.
After a 16 hour overnight passage from Grenada we arrived in Trinidad on Wednesday, August 19th, a hot and gorgeous morning.

During the night we passed three of the country's oil platforms between Grenada and Trinidad. They are easy to see even without radar; they are well lit and visible for miles. During the second world war the US established bases in Trinidad to protect oil shipments to England. The US influence still seems strong, especially in the large shopping malls and the yachting industry. The supermarkets here are well stocked and you can even buy Australian beef.

The busy anchorage of Chaguaramas Bay is tucked in, on the southern side of the northwestern tip of Trinidad.

According to our trusty Doyle's guide, Chaguaramas was home to 30,000 Americans during the last world war. These days, the cruisers are here in droves from all over the world. Chaguaramas is a destination for anyone needing any kind of boat work. Insurance companies also push more cruisers further south into Trinidad for hurricane season, after hurricane Ivan devastated Grenada in 2004.

Sunset photo from the cockpit of Bristol Rose, on a mooring ball in Chaguaramas Bay.

For more info on Chaguaramas, Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies, click on this link for the Chaguaramas Development Authority.


  1. so you made it. Congratulations. How long will you stay there? What is you next destination. Thanks for the pix and narrative


  2. Hi Andes, We will be in Trinidad for about three months to see out hurricane season and get annual maintenance done.

    Then around the end of Nov. we head north again through the Grenadines to St. Lucia for Christmas.

    Robert & Trish