Saturday, 7 February 2009

Homeward Bound in Rock Sound

Starfish Smile.

Yep, we are homeward bound for Australia via a long and roundabout route but that’s not the subject of this post. We’ve finally caught up with our mates Pat and Randy sailing aboard their beautiful home, S/V Homeward Bound. They made it easy for us since they have turned north from George Town, while we are heading south through Eleuthera and on to the Exumas and George Town.

Pat and Randy, S/V Homeward Bound in Rock Sound

We last saw Pat and Randy at their farewell on the Chesapeake Bay back in September. Fun times were had with them and the E Pier crew at the White Rocks Marina in Pasadena where we kept our first sailboat, Sandpiper.

Robert, Daisie, Warren (S/V Sandcastle), Linda (M/V Step Two) and Randy
at the Super Bowl Bahamas style.

If making new friends is one of the sweetest things about cruising (and it is!) then revisiting old friends is the icing on the cake. We’re thoroughly enjoying both during our stay at Rock Sound, Eleuthera. The Tiki Bar in Rock Sound televised the Super Bowl so all the cruisers in the harbour - all 5 boats, turned up to watch the game. Yeah, Steelers!

Everyone in Rock Sound is super-friendly. You risk getting a sore throat and strained waving arm just walking down the street, from all the greetings. We got to see a little more of Eleuthera when fellow Super Bowl revelers, Jeff and Laurie, drove us to the beach for snorkling and to see their island home.

Great weather for ducks.

It seems the weather has conspired to prolong our planned stay in Rock Sound and it looks like we will be here for a while yet. The cold weather through the States has blown across to the Bahamas. Gone are the days of temps in the 70’s; the cold fronts, one after another are bringing high winds, the occasional squall and temps in the 60’s. That doesn’t stop us from getting out and about and taking the opportunity to spend time with our mates. Check Pat and Randy’s blog for more pictures of us all having a great time.

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  1. I see you've decided to make the trek all the way back to Down Under - best of luck!