Monday, 9 February 2009

Fair Winds, Calm Seas!

Homeward Bound sails out of Rock Sound on a misty morning.

The night is young, where shall we start?

Alas, we bid a sad farewell to our mates Pat and Randy this morning. The past ten days in Rock Sound, Eleuthera have been wonderful with their company and that of the others on the few vessels at anchor here. 

The friendliness of the local people also has added to our enjoyment and we’ll be sad to move on tomorrow.  

Daisie gets plenty of attention!

We'll sail for Davis Harbour on the south west coast of Eleuthera early in the morning to refill our water and diesel tanks, get some laundry done and stage for our next step.  From Eleuthera, that will mean crossing the Exuma Sound and working our way to Allan's Cay through one of the cuts.  The cuts can be rough when the winds are blowing against the currents that rage through them.  Most are fairly narrow and at times it can be downright dangerous so we will time our crossing to minimize any high seas and opposing winds.

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