Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Rain, Flooding, Move to Manly

Bristol Rose and crew are safe tonight at the Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron in Manly.  We have Brisbane's City Cats for company, as well as Merlin, Alexis and Whiskers.

Getting out of our slip at Dockside Marina and over to Manly was windy, wet, bumpy and cold.  At least we zoomed down the river at a brisk pace, dodging debris, and doing well.

One of the deciding factors that convinced us it was time to move was seeing all the ferries and City Cats heading down the Brisbane River, and buildings in the CBD were evacuated.  When Robert measured the distance between the high water mark and the top of the pylon holding our dock,  he measured 7 feet, well short of expected levels.

We're thinking about our neighbours at Dockside Marina.  There were so many boats in their slips when we left today, including some liveaboards.  If the levels rise as suggested, the floating docks will come right over the tops of the pylons.  It's too horrifying to think about.  Images over the last days and weeks have been horrifying.

Aussies have earned the reputation for being tough.  Here's a quote from a woman interviewed on the news, "You gotta be strong and just keep going, that's the Australian way".

Story in the NY Times: Staying Afloat Down Under


  1. glad to hear that you made it to Manly safely--we're hearing reports of flooding in Brisbane..
    m/v Rhumb Line (formerly of s/v Whisper)

  2. Hi Kristen, it's bad but luckily we had a day of sunshine yesterday and this morning it's clear blue skies. That made a big difference to the river height. Brisbane River front has/had miles of walkways. TV images this morning of a tug nudging a huge floating walkway down the river. Terrible devastation widespread. Water should recede in 3 to 4 days. All the best to you and Hans. We see you are m/v now.

  3. Good to hear you are OK, stay safe
    Mike & Dawn

  4. No worries Mike & Dawn. It's Owen's 24th birthday today. He's gone in to West End today to volunteer with the Wilderness Society helping with flood relief.