Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Brave Miss Daisie

Monday was a shocking day for Miss Daisie.  She is such a love, she makes friends wherever she goes.  It's hard to believe she could travel all over the world, in places where dangers abound, only to be attacked in Brisbane.

Miss Daisie's is not happy her hairdo has been messed up.
We were returning home after visiting the groomer, red bows in her hair, when we came face to face with a big dog who leapt across the path to attack her.  It was so quick and shocking for us all.

Both dogs were on leads and we were able to pull Miss Daisie away to safety.  We got her quickly back to the vet who took her in straight away to check her wounds.  She cleaned her up and gave her an injection, as well as some anti-inflammatories and antibiotics to take away with us.  The vet says she's lucky, no serious damage.

  Daisie is a brave soul.  Despite her shock, her tail still wags when she sees someone who wants to be friends.   We're making sure she spends time with her best furry friends.  She is recovering her usual happy demeanor and we are taking good care of her.

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  1. Gosh I can't glad she is okay.So happy you made it in time for holidays!!!Have Merry Christmas and safe New Year.Keep us updated on what's happening down under.Good Luck

    s/v islandgirl
    Chuck and Sheri