Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Brisbane City 2010

Brisbane!  Who would bother visiting?  That's a sentiment from the not so distant past and you might be still thinking such blasphamy.  In fact, it seems many Queenslanders still cling to those out of date sentiments.  It's been many years since we've spent any time in Brisbane.  Robert once worked at the CSR New Farm Sugar Refinery, now a waterfront apartment conversion.  Trish attended college at Kangaroo Point straight out of school, now nothing looks familiar.

Heads Up!  Brisbane has grown up.

Wow, what a change!  Sailing up the Brisbane River we could hardly recognize the suburbs that used to be full of examples of the classic "Queenslander", a unique Queensland styled house designed to keep inhabitants cool in the summer heat, and dry during the frequent thunderstorms.  If we can still find one, we'll take a picture!

Ferries and CityCats run every 10 to 30 mintues from the remodeled old/new Ferry Wharves linking 24 stops along the river.  You can pick up a bicycle and cover a few miles of riverfront boardwalk, then drop it off at your destination.  That's cool.

We went to a concert in the park.  Peter Frampton, America, Chicago and Brain Wilson!  Neil Diamond and Leonard Cohen are in town.  Just down the road at the Byron Bay BLUESFEST, Bob Dylan, B.B. King, Elvis Costello and the Blind Boys of Alabama are playing. Hang on didn't we just leave the US?

We are struggling to get used to the cost of living in Australia.  Beer at $3.00, business shirts $100, meals $25 a plate, cell phones and internet costs - we are still in denial on this one, quaratine on arrival $330, meat from $26/kg.  Bargains may be found with some careful hunting around.  With the Aussie dollar around parity with the US dollar, we might have to make a trip back to top up the work wardrobe.


All in all, Brisbane is still a great place to live.  It's good to be back among "our tribe".

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  1. So, will the salaries and other income match the costs?

    Congrats on being back with your tribe.