Friday, 25 June 2010

Anchorages... Tahiti

The anchorage at Marina Taina, Tahiti looking towards Mo'orea

Despite a couple of challenging passages with squalls and wind gusts way too close to 50 knots, we arrived in Tahiti a week ago.

We anchored for a while off Marina Taina then moved over to the Quai de Yachts in the center of Papeete when the winds were forecast to pick up to 40 knots last Sunday. List of "to do's" to work through and sails to be repaired before leaving here.

Lack of good, fast wifi connections continues to make it impossible for us to update and load images on a regular basis. In Tahiti, paying megabucks for wifi gets you a slow and patchy connection with the added "bonus" of being kicked off at any second. Sarcasm intended. But heck, this is paradise and we're enjoying the good food and getting together with friends.

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  1. It is great to see an update we were getting a bit worried.

    Best Wishes