Thursday, 28 May 2009

Guest Writer, Barry

Spices for sale in St. Martin, French side.

Mangoes, bananas, limes, capsicum (bell peppers), plantains and chilli peppers.

Hi to Family & Friends in Australia. From Baz. Bristol Rose is a lot larger down below than I expected. Dinner with Jenna and Ray, Night Hawk.

These Orange computers are a lot harder to work than I expected. Think you need to switch it on first. After that I,m not sure.


  1. You always were technically challenged Baz See you made it through customs OK Hope the weather is good for your stay Bill

    Hi Baz looks as though you are having a great time, lots of wineing & dining wish I was there. It has been raining here, we are off to Melb tomorrow for 10 days. Keep having fun Love Maz

  2. Nice to hear from you. Things are going well. Love to all.Baz.