Friday, 20 March 2009

Conception Island, Bahamas

Trish, Robert, Daisie Dog, Diana and Robin (Solveig of Lorn)

The mangrove creeks, Conception Is.

Conception Island is one of our favourite places in the Bahamas; crystal clear water and amazing marine life. Plus, we enjoyed the company of friends Diana and Robin who are among our little cadre of Cruisers South from George Town. We dinked around the mangrove creeks and saw turtles, a stingray and a shark as well as large conch and many fish. The island is protected as a park.

These guys hung around our boat during our glorious days at Conception. They are about 18" long.



  1. Beautiful pics Trish ... looks like paradise.

  2. Hi Trish, Robert and Daisie!

    Just checking in to say hi and tell you how very much we miss seeing your warm, loving and friendly faces.

    Going to spend some time reading up on your travels.

    All my love, - Donna