Sunday, 26 October 2008

The Plan

There never seems to be enough time to get everything done before embarking upon a big event in life. That's especially true when the plan involves multiple major moves such as downsizing, selling a home and cars, shipping belongings half way around the world, and outfitting a boat for extended cruising. No matter how much time allowed for such major life changes, it is never simple nor easy.

Robert has dreamed for some time of sailing down the Intercoastal Waterway to Florida and on to the Bahamas and the Caribbean. Once we leave Maryland, our plan will involve many steps before we reach Sydney. While we need to have some kind of plan, we also plan to keep our options open where possible to allow for any changes in circumstances. So begins our slow journey back to Australia, after 12 years in the U.S.

Our plan

  • November 16th '08 to January '09 Cruise the ICW
  • 1st December is the end of the Hurrican Season!
  • January '09 to February '09 - Cruise the Bahamas
  • February '09 to April - Cruise Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands
  • April '09 to May '09 - Cruise the Lesser Antilles
  • 1st June '09 is the start of the Hurrican Season - Need to be south of 12 degrees lattitude
  • Spend the 2009 summer in Grenada
  • Determine next steps
The jouney south from the Bahamas to the Lesser Antilles is known as the Thorny Path. We will be following Bruce Van Sant's advice which can be boiled down to "wait, see and go" when the weather says it's safe to leave.


  1. Good for you. What a relief from the stress of everyday life. Your friend in Tennessee.

  2. Yay, go for it! I hope to get a head start on you, maybe by the 12th. Then I need to leave the boat somewhere and come back to VA for a few days around Nov. 20. Then heading back South. See you on the ICW.
    DaveK on Starshine

  3. Sounds like a great plan! Sadly, I have no recommendations of places to check out south of Maryland. Although come to think of it, Dawn and I did do some wine tasting in Key West a few years back. I would avoid this however, as 'carrot wine' tastes about as bad as you would expect it to. Probably best to stick with the rum and margaritas.

    Smooth sailing,


  4. Hi Trish and Robert,

    I hope all the preparations are going well. I have a little idea of all the preparations required for such a trip and know that you must be very busy at the moment. I am sure you have probably already seen it but the Cruising World issue currently has a big article about the ICW and the Thorny path. We wish you all the best on your voyage. What is the best way for us to keep in touch with you after you leave.

    Best Wishes

    Michael and Dorothy

  5. Robert & Trish:

    Love the blog - nicely done! As you travel down the ICW, spend some time in coastal North Carolina. Beaufort, Morehead, and Swansboro are lovely little towns with plenty of great southern hospitality and wonderful seafood (served with hushpuppies!).

    You guys are in for a lot of fun. Wishing you safe passage, fair winds, and following seas.

    - Bob Naylor

  6. Looking forward to checking out your recommendations Bob.
    No worries Craig, it's all Margaritas and Dark & Stormies from here on.

    Keeping in touch - just click on the "Crew Connection" envelope top of our blog for email. Michael, we're hoping you and Dorothy will make the trip from Australia to join us for some sailing. We'll set up a mail forwarding service soon too......Robert & Trish

  7. Maybe we can meet in the Bahamas or Virgin Islands?
    Land Lubbers
    Mike & Dawn