Thursday, 4 September 2008

Late Summer Haul-Out

This year we took advantage of the summer special the folks at Ferry Point Marina offered for haul-out and bottom paint. We use Interlux Micron CSC for bottom paint. The shot above shows how well it is working after 12 months in the water.

Bristol Rose presented a challenge for the yard crew and established the limit to what size boats they can haul. To get her out of the water the rigger removed the mizzen topping lift and port side mizzen shroud.

Before and after shot of Max Prop following replacing the Zincs and preparation for application of Propspeed. Propspeed is a relatively new product that protects the propeller from marine growth. A power boat, with propspeed applied, was hauled while I was working on Bristol Rose. After 18 months in the water the propellers were clean.

All the Sea cocks have been cleaned and greased. We found this marine ecosystem in one of the sea cocks.

Trish calls this the "whale end" of Britol Rose. Lookin good after 2 days of wax and polish. We gave the Island Girl products a try. The products are expensive and the instructions are poor, although the finshed result is impressive.

Almost ready to return to her slip.

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