Sunday, 27 January 2008

Getting cold, time to curl up with a good book

Australia Day today and the end of a cold week in Baltimore . I went down to the harbor to check on Bristol Rose. A thin layer of ice is on the water but none around Bristol Rose.

One place I always like to visit when at the marina is the laundry because at the Anchorage Marina fellow cruisers leave books and DVDs they want to swap. Trish calls it the Laundry Library. We get a great kick out of leaving a book we've enjoyed and then seeing that it has moved on for to who knows where. We have found some real treasures left by others.

What are you reading?
On our blog you'll see we have set up a link to our Laundry Library page where friends can share recommendations for books, music, videos and blogs. We have not yet figured out how to get an email link on our blog so we can only receive your recommendations by email to our address, z1orzother. Check it out if you are looking for some recommendations or want to include your own on The Laundry Library blog page.

Transit is an interesting wooden boat, built in England. She is one of our neighbours and it was a real treat to have a tour with owner, Jason. She is absolutely gorgeous below decks and has a wonderful history.

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