Thursday, 13 December 2007

Handrail Covers

I love the brightwork on Bristol Rose and don't mind the upkeep. My problem is time; full time work and part time cruiser does not make for regular maintenance of brightwork. To solve this problem I have made a set of Handrail Covers to protect the brightwork.

For these covers I used Oyster White Sunbrella. I cut strips of material as follows:

  • Forward Handrail 8" x 44.25"
  • Aft Handrail 8" x 114.25"

Measure and mark 2.5" in to create a 1.25" hem on the long edges. Fold the material first to the marked line and use the back of your scissors to crease the material in place. Then stitch the hem first near the edges then fold over a 1/4" hem and stitch.

Fold the cover in half with the hems outside and trace the approximate curvature of the end of the handrail.. Sew this curved seam.

To add the snap fasteners, turn the cover right side out. Measure and mark 6" in from each end for the shorter cover. For the longer covers, measure and mark 6" and 46.5" from each end. Fit snaps to cover. You are finished and in shorter time than it takes to put on 10 coats of vanish, you have your handrails covered.

I also made some covers for the 3 hatchs while I was at it. Lookin good!


  1. Oh my my my how much I thank you for this! I'm a bust at sewing, but after 10 years on board, I've got to step up to reality. This will be my first project (while the 5 coats bake in Baltimore sun)...Wish me luck!