Thursday, 22 November 2012


Oh Say... it's an Exciting Day!

It's Turkey Day.  That might not mean much to anyone here in Australia but to everyone in the USA, it's a big deal.  

A bunch of cruising friends are sailing into Brisbane this summer to wait out the cyclone season.  Some like Gary and Jackie on Inspiration Lady, we have not seen since French Polynesia in 2010.  

Steve and Helen and their son Sam are here aboard Dignity.  You can read about Steve's medical treatment in Melbourne and consequent sale of Dignity.  

Jack and Jan are returning to Brisbane aboard Anthem.  Anthem is also for sale as they feel the need for more room aboard to continue living the dream.  

We were hoping to see Don and Marie, Freezing Rain but they are still making their way south, so we hope to catch up with them another time.

Out of the blue came A Cappella, Ed and Cornelia.  I think we last saw them in Tahiti in 2010.

So with the arrival of all these Americans and Canadians and we who were privileged to have enjoyed life in the USA, Thanksgiving makes a good excuse for a cruiser round-up.  We're excited to welcome everyone this weekend to our new home, Lilyfield, in the beautiful Northern Rivers region of New South Wales for feasting and fun as only curisers know how.

Of course the most important thing to get right for a Thanksgiving feast is the turkey.  It has to be big.  Robert ordered the turkey, 8 kg (or something over 17 lbs) a few weeks ago to be sure we weren't left turkey-less.  How embarrassing would that be?  

The ham is in the fridge taking up a whole shelf at almost 9kg!  It will be glazed and presented along with the fried (yes fried) turkey, Boston Baked Beans, mashed potato and gravy, pecan pie, and other Thanksgiving essentials.  Sorry, no pumpkin pie in this house.  A true blue Aussie (me) eats baked pumpkin at every opportunity and the popular sweet pumpkin pies served with cream in the USA really were a mental block for me.

I would say Thanksgiving is second as a major US holiday only to Independence Day on the 4th of July which commemorates America's adoption of the Declaration of Independence from Great Britain in 1776.   

No matter where you came from, cultural background, your religion, the sporting team you follow, you can relate to the sentiments of Thanksgiving.  The US and Canada are the only countries I know which celebrate Thanksgiving.  The US always celebrates on the fourth Thursday of November while Canada celebrates their own version in October.  

I wonder is there room in Australia's holiday calendar for something like Thanksgiving?  A coming together of family and friends with a feeling of gratitude for what we already have, Christmas without the presents?  Thanksgiving is for everyone.  Happy Thanksgiving!