Friday, 25 September 2009

Time to Pay the Piper!

Bottom Scrape

Cruising life sure is great and we are thankful that we are traveling in a quality built boat, but it does come with a price! Sooner or later you have to pay the piper for all the good times. The photos in this post are of various boat projects of our neighbors around Power Boats Yard.

New Propeller
We are using our time in Trinidad to catch up on maintenance work. No time for sightseeing tours for now, just a cold beer or two after a hard day of work.

Mike from El Lobo

We started a list of jobs we needed to attend to. Sort of depressing, as the list is definitely a dance with 1 step forward, 1 step backward, c$ing c$ing c$ing. We are in good company as many other cruisers choose to do maintenance and major re-fits in Trinidad while waiting out the hurricane season.

New Boot Stripe
Our maintenance work includes routine annual maintenance, like bottom painting, varnish work, replacing zincs, re-caulking chain plates and port lights, as well as less frequent jobs like replacing batteries, anchor chain and sail covers. We have also decided to update our safety equipment in preparation for the next phase of our cruise. We're also spoiling our selves with new shade covers, a large cock pit table and re-arranging some cupboards to provide more storage. All this must be completed by November when we will return to the Grenadines and St Lucia for Christmas with friends before heading west.

Painted Spar
This part of our cruise is a very busy time for us but we feel, not so interesting for others. Hence few sightseeing posts from Trish and I at the moment. Someone once told us,"cruising is getting to do boat maintenance in exotic locations". We sure are doing that!

Bottom Stripped Bare

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