Thursday, 20 December 2007

Family (& friends) Christmas Blog

We wish you a Merry Christmas &
a Happy New Year!
As usual, the Holidays are here and we are hopelessly out of time to send greetings by snail mail - thankfully! We don't have any cool looking pictures of our gorgeously handsome kids (ha!), no tales of exotic travels near and/or far, no high achievements or work promotions to boast about, just the usual day-to-day, work, school, dog, cat, etc. etc. etc. We can't even tell you we're enjoying the sailing; it's winter here and Bristol Rose is in her slip in Canton, winterized, waiting. Oh well, that's life. Snow has come and gone and is forecast to come again before April. Life is good.

A heavy fall a couple of years past blankets the berries and branches of the Washington Hawthorne on our corner.
So please... send us your cards and letters. It's great to hear from you all with tales from far-off shores.

We love to hear your stories at Christmas, of beaching in Australia; working on the B&B in Wales; making it through nursing with high distinctions no less! in Bulli, Yes Michael!; graduating from school in Sydney; making money in the Macau casino; spending time with the kids in the UK; basking and basting by the pool in Brisbane; grabbing too much sun on Queensland's Gold Coast; picking bananas on the hillside in Woolgoolga; mowing the lawn in Murwillumbah; dining with the swimming club in Dundas; sailing the Trimaran across Moreton Bay; taking in the horse track in Tennessee; wiling away the time at White Rocks; enjoying the Fois Gras with a glass of Sauternes in France; mixing it with the neighbors in Minnesota; building boats in Bristol RI; staying warm in Phoenix; fishing at Fingal; missing us in Mission Beach, working on the movies in Woollahra; sailing and basking in the Bahamas; ghost hunting with swamp dog in Georgia's tidal shore; touring the sights of Toronto; cooking up a storm nightly in New Zealand; havin' an ale or two at the village pub in Bath, Avon; sloshing whiskey in Scotland; practicing social welfare in Perth, WA; knocking around the hot spots of Noosa, finding interesting species in Florida; living well in Lilyfield, and just plain making it, one more year, through the terrifying traffic on the East Coast of the US.

Thanks to family and friends one and all for contributing to our Christmas blog.
We couldn't have done it without you!

Have a wonderful Christmas (what will it be - seafood or ham?). With Love, and Very best wishes for a fabulous New Year in 2008!
Robert, Trish, Owen, Elliot, Daisie Dog and Mitsi Cat

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